Significant Alluvial, Eluvial and Bedrock Coltan, Tin, Gold, Diamonds and REE resources with high potential for low capex/opex, near term “project de-risking” production options available.

Resource potential defined through Six years of exploration by professional geologists endorsed by an international consultancy group (SRK).

Experienced management team with proven track record in west-central Africa. Well established in Sierra Leone with good community relations.

The initial focus was to identify an economically viable +1 million ounce bedrock gold deposit – the global economic downturn, low gold prices and availability of funding for global exploration projects resulted in  looking at other more readily financeable mineral based opportunities within the Loko Hills Licenses.

Reports: KPMG, Conceptual study (CS), Competent Person Report (CPR), Order Of Magnitude (OOM) and SRK reports.

Work Done to date

  • Drilling


    12 holes,1800m. The Laminaia/ Ranongo Ridge target was prioritised and detailed work including detailed soil geochemistry, geophysics, mapping, trenching an pitting defined a target 7 km long 400 m wide. This target was tested by an initial 1600 m scout drilling programme which identified a sequence of auriferous magnetic schists/ pegmatites/quartz veins associated with a major shear zone developed along the western flank of the Ranongo ridge
  • Bulk sampling

    Bulk sampling

    4 pits (25x25x10)
  • Pitting


    850 pits (100x50x10)
  • Trenching


    3262 meters.With increasing geological information and general understanding of the mineralisation in Ranongo North, the magnetite schist-gold association theory is very strong for which a geophysical method has been propose for delineating the host rock. To test the applicability of magnetic geophysical method on the target, a hand held magnetic susceptibility meter was use across a trench that intersects magnetite schist zone. The results show that the magnetite schist zone is clearly defined by the mag susc meter which justifies the use of cheap ground magnetometer survey to define the extent of the magnetic zone and shear zone in the Ranongo north. The high grade zone in TR1042800 also coincides with magnetite schist zone containing 5g/t @ 115-116m in TR1042800 and a coherent zone containing 4m interval with 1.35 g/t Au between 114-118m. Similar lithology in TR1043980 retuned 10g/t @ 81-82m but due to the narrow and isolated zone in this trench, no further work was conducted in the trench. TR1043980 – Magnetite schist zone contains 4m interval with 2.63g/t Au with maximum grade of 10g/t Au between 80-84m. This zone also corresponds with active surface elluvial/saprolite mining by the local artisanal miners targeting mainly the magnetite schist.
  • IP Survey

    IP Survey

    25 line km. showing IP survey- HRIP also defining sheeted quartz veins/Pegmatites within the shear zone coincident. Interpretation of IP/HRIP, drill cores and geochem results indicates strong correlation of gold with high magnetic susceptibility reading corresponding with the magnetite schist bands.
  • Rock sampling

    Rock sampling

    960 samples
  • Stream sediment sampling

    Stream sediment sampling

    2730 samples
  • Soil Sampling

    Soil Sampling

    8669 samples