2003/4 there was a “diamond rush” where 10,000 artisanal miners worked diamondiferous gravels in Kathumpeh area 1.5km southeast of Kamakwie where a large number of small pits were excavated in a valley 1km long and 100-250m wide.

As the activities were illegal there are few production records, but there is a record of a 57 carat stone being recovered as well as anecdotal reports of 110, 28 and 25 carats.

Regional indicator mineral stream sediment sampling by SLDC diamond exploration identified:

kimberlite indicator minerals in stream and soil samples .

kimberlitic “dykes” at shallow depth unearthed adjacent to The licence areas

Kimberlite in Loko Hills related to N-NW diamondiferous dykes further north in Guinea

Kimberlite indicator mineral dispersion in stream sediments samples taken by African Minerals Ltd. in and around AMR’s licence areas.

May 2013 – SRK observed kimberlitic material stockpiled for washing.

  • abundant mica
  • group II kimberlite material
  • pan concentrate showed presence of pyrope garnets and ilmenites
  • diamonds found downstream of 0.5m wide kimberlitic dyke
  • 4 stones observed by SRK, the largest of which is estimated to be 1.77cts – see below
  • A 30ct stone was recently found.
chart -